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A 1-Sachet, 30-Days Complete Regimen – Everything you Need


We offer a complete 1 sachet daily, 30-days regimen package.

You get a complete, 1 sachets daily, 30-days regimen, formulated specially for women below 40 years of age, whose periods have ceased, and/or women without ovulation with or without Blocked Fallopian Tube(s), or painful periods, or heavy periods, to help restore normal period flow without pains, and restore ovulation within a completed 90 to 120 days duration.

The regimen is much more than just buy and use the Immunocal product.

You will get:
1. A specific diet restriction,
2. A particular vitamin formulation, and
3. The entire Immunocal that you will use for the 30 days,
4. Along with free advice for the 30 days to follow up with you and help achieve success.

By God’s Grace, you will sing praises.